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The associated firm was born in January 2009, with the goal of capitalizing knowledge and experiences, matured by the founders in the disciplinary fields of planning and renovations.

The offices are currently located in Rome: 21, Stradivari St.

The firm’s activity, which acts on the entire national territory, is branched into two fields.

The first of them carries out autonomous planning and research activity. The second one heads towards the editing of executive and building projects, in collaboration and as support of professional firms and building enterprises, with the goal of deepen the relation between professional activity and research. The firm plans were published on specialized magazines of architecture and were displayed in many exhibitions.


Alfonso Giancotti

Alfonso Giancotti (1970) studied at the ‘Ecole d’Architecture de Paris-La Villette’ and in Rome, at

the La Sapienza University, where he conferred a degree in 1994.

PHD since 2000, he was student and co-worker of Sacripanti, and he is curator of exhibitions and author of publications. He conducts since 1995 professional activity and research in architectural planning, finalized to the publishing of books and articles for magazines of architecture. In 2009 he is elected Counsellor of Chambers of Architects of Rome and Province and form 2012 to 2017 he was Director of  Casa dell’Architettura di Roma.

Since 2005-2006 academic year, he is Professor at the Architecture University of Rome “Sapienza”. 

Barbara Elia

Barbara Elia (1970)  took a degree in architecture at University “La Sapienza”, in 1996.

She worked from 1997 to 2000 with Studio Racheli, playing the role of Project Manager, merits of the projects for the overall development of their design and administrative process, and she worked as property manager of a large industrial company. She also deals with public and private clients for Restoration and  preparation of historical and archival research. Since 1998 to she is a docent at the Faculty of Architecture of the University Roma TRE. Also conducts research for the Department of Planning and Architecture Studio at the same university, where the outcome is collected in several publications. Moreover, she was specifically geared to the professional advice in taking care of administrative tasks Property for the preparation of architectural projects at all levels, and management for the sale, working with law firms and notary.

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