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International Competition in two phases


The project's first objective was that of defining a hierarchy of  pedestrian and vehicular fluxes, in order to create a balance between the areas which are functional to the project and the new road layout set by the urban plan. This has led to confront the theme of borders. The new layout of via Concesio , in fact, will carry a great portion of vehicular traffic and risks  “polluting”, from an acoustic and perception point of view, an area destined specifically to pedestrians. That is why the planning of the pedestrian passageways is central to the project, since  it has the function of main structural axis. The pedestrian  courses are organised  on two levels which alternatively distribute human traffic in the surrounding areas. For this reason the public green park, the nursery school, the market square with the other public and private facilities already present in the area, are elements which our pedestrian ways cross, meet, underline, individuate and measure.

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